Oral Health Procedure

Taking care of your pet’s mouth is important to their overall health. Bad breath, drooling, picking up and dropping food and not eating are all signs of dental disease in pets. An oral health procedure is the only way to effectively remove the bacteria above and below the gum line in your pet.


Before the procedure, we run a series of tests on your pet to assess their body’s blood cell count, and organ function to ensure that they will be able to handle going under anesthesia for the procedure. For pet’s over seven years old or on any pet that shows signs of thyroid disease we will check their thyroid levels.


By utilizing anesthesia for dental cleanings we create a safe and more comfortable experience for your pet.

Patient Monitoring

While your pet is under anesthesia their vital signs are continually monitored. Vitals monitored include:

• Blood pressure
• Heart rate and rhythm
• Respiratory rate
• Mucous membrane color
• Temperature
• Amount of oxygen in their red blood cells

Home Care

Your pet’s oral health care doesn’t stop at a dental cleaning, just like with our teeth we need daily care and the same is true for your pet.

Are you concerned about your pet’s oral health? Schedule an appointment today with one of our veterinarians to determine the next step for your pet.

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